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Posted on: January 20th, 2020

Why Better Client Visibility Increases Your Bottom Line

In the services industry, new customers are often more difficult to obtain and convert than upselling existing clients. But in order to do that effectively, everyone in the organization needs to have a clear view of what’s going on, where clients are at, what services they are receiving, and where the opportunities lie. That’s a little easier said than done, so let’s look closer at some of the pain points that prevent client visibility from being streamlined. Then, let’s look at how to heal those pain points and increase profits.   

Understanding Existing Sales  

Every person on your team should be able to see what has already been sold to existing customers. The full journey of their services with you should be well-documented and very visible. Often in service organizations, the knowledge of previous sales lies with the person who sold it, and that’s it. Sometimes that can be a salesperson, but sometimes it can be an account manager, or a project manager. With that information spread across several different areas of the business, creating a whole picture of a client’s journey within your organization can be difficult to paint. Without that whole picture, it’s impossible to know what other services they might best be suited for.  

Clear View of Opportunities  

Alongside previous sales, it’s also critical that your team has a clear view of what projects are currently ongoing and what has been completed. With this information, the sales team and account managers alike can identify where holes in the overall strategy may be. This creates more sales opportunities. Furthermore, if this information is easily accessible and clearly visible through a singular system, you open up the potential for upsell ideas to more than just the sales and accounts teams. You also open it to individual team members to help identify and suggest additional services or products that may benefit your clients.  

Disparate Systems  

One of the worst pain points for service-based businesses when it comes to the inability to find this information in a cohesive, consistent way is the use of disparate systems. We see time and time again organizations that cobble together pieces of systems that meet immediate needs without taking into account the long-term needs that will arise. It’s not unusual to see organizations with all the pieces of a fully-capable CMS system, chopped up into disparate pieces that don’t communicate well with each other. When the pieces don’t communicate together, it makes the knowledge-corralling process much clunkier and more difficult.  

See it All

With a fully integrated CMS like NetSuite, employees can get a full 360 view of your clients’ history, the current status of their projects and your relationship with them as a whole. The full range of features available within NetSuite makes client visibility so easy it becomes second nature. Each customer’s record displays all communication in a single location along with past sales, key email contacts, emails, and activities. The entire customer or client story is visible on a single screen.  

Knowledge Is Money  

Having all the information necessary to make a sale on a single dashboard is incredibly important. It not only allows you to speak to their full story without hesitation, but it helps you understand, from a bird’s eye view down to a macro level, what has been done and what opportunities exist. With the crucial information included in the NetSuite dashboards, anyone interfacing with the client or customer has the knowledge they need to identify opportunities and to have a conversation that truly wows your customers.  

Client visibility allows more than streamlined internal processes that lead to increased customer satisfaction. It leads to more sales and thus, an increased bottom line. Of course, client visibility is only one of the ways that a comprehensive, well-implemented CMS can help increase your bottom line, but it’s one with some of the greatest impact. Want to see how Prophet One can help you calibrate client visibility to best reach your specific goals? Give us a call today.  

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